Did you know that 95% of
green house gas is water vapor.
Only 3.618% is CO2
split between humans and volcanoes
See A Simple mans view of CO2



The chart below shows 4500 years of the temperature cycles for our planet. You can't see the time we each spend on the planet! It is insignificant. The temperature on this planet has gone up and down naturally for millions of years



To put things in perspective, every person reading this, including those that are born today will be gone in 100 years. It is impossible for us to comprehend all the subtle actions that keep this planet within this temperature range. It does however, show us how insignificant we are when it comes to time. It is very doubtful that man has any effect on this enormously complex system that remains within a 5 window, year after year. At the high side of this window Ice melts. At the low side ice forms. It is just that simple.

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  This graph shows the activity of volcanoes. It is obvious from this graph that their activity does plot to some degree temperature changes, but it is also obvious that it is not the whole picture.  Something else or multiple something else's is having an affect. Volcanoes also vary in type and size. Most volcanoes are small compared to Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.  In June 1991,  the eruption caused a considerable cool down which lasted for over 1 year. The temperature cycle, then went back to what was controlling it before the eruption. The Sun is the obvious source of a major effect on the Earth's temperature and also the moon.  It is orbiting near us  and the gravitational pull is causing the surface of the earth to flex. This is contributing to earthquakes and volcanic action. Solar flares from the Sun can also strike the Earth. They also can cause temperature changes. the earth tilts on its axis in an 11 year cycle.  The Gulfstream brings warm water up from the equator to the North Pole. The moon causes the tides. Sloshing the water back and forth on the planet.  The tectonic plates move around the planet. Australia alone moves 5 inches a year.  So things aren't in the same place all the time. All the measurements that were made were done in the Northern Hemisphere.  The other half of the planet is totally overlooked. All these things add together. Maybe there's some things out there we haven't discovered yet, volcanic eruptions, put out carbon dioxide.    Plants love CO2.  That's what makes them grow. It's impossible to measure how much CO2 volcanoes produce. Many of them are under the ocean.  



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  Maybe someday we'll understand how it all fits together. But we don't have that knowledge today. If a solar flare strikes the earth during the time of high volcanic activity they will add together, causing a greater change in  temperature. On and on that complexity goes. To learn about the CO2 contribution from volcanoes click on the link below. The volcano you see is Mount Pinatubo notice the heavy soot content. That is what circled the Earth for over a year blocking the sun. At this point in time, computer modeling is fortune telling.  And if the computers were fortunetellers all these scientists would be rich. I believe the whole thing is a tempest in a teapot designed to make a few people very rich off the back of those of us, who  are being told they are saving the planet. The truth is we have nothing to do with it. They just want to sell us carbon credits.

  This chart is the IPCC prediction that Al Gore has been selling as scientific fact. It was the basis for his movie.  The Inconvenience Truth. I found it impossible to understand what this chart is trying to tell us. I did not understand how it can continue to rise from 1880 till this day. It totally left out, the volcanic eruption of MT Pinatubo that dropped the temperature from June 1991 until March 1992. Look at the little green arrow  You can see what is happening, As usual it is cycling up and down You will see presently it is coming down. The big emergency that he has been pushing is not true. What bothered me the most is his movie being shown to children in the United States and around the world, who now believe it to be true. This whole carbon foot print thing is is not true. It also concerns me that the EPA has declared CO2 a dangerous gas. We exhale CO2 and plants love it. we have too many government regulations already.  To me it just means more government control of our lives.

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